The Cleavers

I don't believe in coincidences , I think it is just Gods way of remaining anonymous.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here are a few pics to catch up!

Chillin at Cabelas with Kinley
Londyn and her Valentines box
Nick with his dream boat at the boat show!!
Londyn, Allivia and Preslee at the circus
My surprise birthday breakfast....with a little birthday kiss from Lo!
The three amigos getting manicures and pedicures!

A little Christmas cheer!!
woot woot!!!

Yummy cake balls my friend and I made for a Christmas party!
Lo and her cute dance company!
This is the first time Londyn has ever sat on Santa's lap!!
Ariel teaching Londyn and her friends to curtsy like a princess at her birthday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Time Flies!

First and foremost!! Please, if you read this and have a private blog....send me an invite! My email is! Everyone has gone to private and I can't see your cute blogs!
My how time has flown! A ton has happened since my last post! We went to Maine for a Cleaver family reunion, Londyn had Princess Ariel come to her birthday, I got through Microbiology and Physiology which ended my journey at good old UVU, Nick turned 28 and I turned 26 ):, Christmas and New New years came and went in a blink of an eye, and now....I feel like I can breath! I am home until May when I start Dental Hygiene school, and I am enjoying a much needed break! I don't really do much other than play games with Lo, eat, shop, read (I just finished the Hunger Games and I loved them!) eat some more, and hang out with my favorite little girl! I am loving having nothing to do! Today I went and got all my scrubs for school, and ordered my lab coat and stethoscope! I am getting so excited and nervous at the same time!! Londyn is awesome! She is growing so fast and she teaches me something new every day!! I have been trying to figure out what to do with her once school starts, and I just found out her preschool teacher owns a private kindergarten that is closer to our house! My school hours are basically Mon to Thurs 8 to 3ish, and the kindergarten class in Mon to Thurs 9 to 2! Its perfect! I just still can't believe she is going to be 5!! I have been working with her on reading, and although it takes more patience than I was anticipating, she is making progress!! She read the word hop, woof and pet for the first time on her own so we went to Baskin Robbins today!! I got my typical bubble gum and she got a sprinkle vanilla cone. Before she even tasted her own she was half way done with mine! She kept saying "Mom, this is the best stuff I have ever had! I am getting this next time." She has a bunch of dance competitions coming up and she has been practicing very hard!! I am so blessed to have such a healthy, smart, beautiful little girl! She is so full of personality and sass! Austin, has been on his mission for almost 7 months!! I got an email from him yesterday that he has been called to be a zone leader!! I am so proud of him, and thankful for his testimony, faith and service!! PS...I started writing this post in Jan, thats why the date is wrong! It really is 3/8/2011

Monday, May 24, 2010

Disneyland Baby!!

What a treat to have Nana come along! She endured hours of Pink Panther cartoons and being squished!
Me walk? Huh? Why, when I can just get a ride on the luggage cart?

Thanks to Nana we stayed in some sweet condos. This one in Vegas even had a lazy river! So fun!

Londyn, Halle, Avery
So glad we got to tag along with them!

Pixie Hollow
I was amazed at the thought and creativity that went into EVERY ride and event! It truly was amazing.

Londyn getting a princess makeover by her Fairy Godmother!
Ta da!
After the make over, Londyn truly felt like a princess! So much so that she was holding the sides of her dress, walking very slowly and elegantly , and waving to all that passed!
Beauty and the Beast!

Right before the meltdown because Londyn didn't want to get sprayed with bug spray

Ya man!

Out of all the rides, this was Londyn's fav! I have to say mine was the Toy Story ride, where you got to actually shoot stuff with lazer guns! I thought I was doing so good until we all finished and I had the lowest score of everyone!
Cotton Candy! She can lick em clean with the best of em!

Despite the wind, the beach was so beautiful and fun! Londyn was in heaven playing in the sand!

I had to add this!
I LOVE this little girl!

The last luggage cart ride of the trip! By the end of the trip, Londyn was hopping on strangers carts in the elevators and scamming rides of them!

My new bike!

Londyn has been wanting a bike for a while now, so we decided to make a "Bike Chart" every time Londyn did something helpful or did a chore without being asked, she got to put a sticker on this chart that had a picture of the bike she wanted. It took her a few weeks, but she did it! As soon as she put her last sticker on, we headed to Sears to get her the bike. We walked in and couldn't find the bike at first, then like magic we turned the corner and there it was! The last bike on the shelf, the exact one in the picture that we had printed off the website weeks before! It was fate! It was so fun to see her proudly help Dad get it off the shelf and explain to the cashier that she earned it! Way to go sis! Now if we could only get you to ride it more often! Maybe it would help if it wasn't so cold outside! Don't get me wrong, I love that we are getting moisture (the moisture that we all prayed for.....remember!) but I can't wait until it warms up!

Classic Skating with Uncle Landon

I remember going to this place as a kid, and for some reason haven't been back for years. I decided to take Londyn and my little brother to get us out of the house one rainy day, and it was so much fun! Londyn loved playing all the games and riding a spiderman scooter! (They were out of the princess ones) Londyn had never really been on a scooter, but she did great and it was all the entertainment I needed watching her crouch down and kick her bag leg as fast as it would go. The best was watching her get serious as she tried keeping up with the big kids with her game face on!

Easter 2010